13 Signs: You Are Having Memory Lapse and NOT Memory Loss

by | Brain Health

We all suffer from occasional memory lapse but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are suffering from memory loss or have Alzheimer’s or Dementia.

List of 13 Signs that your memory loss is normal or age-related:

1, You remember the plot of a movie you recently watched, but you can’t remember the title. Or you can picture an actor’s face, but you can’t think of his name.

2, You know your way around town. But when giving directions to others, you might not remember the names of all the streets.

3, You walk into a room and can’t remember why you are there. This is a well-known phenomenon — walking through a doorway truly does initiate a memory lapse. 

4, You sometimes call your kids, coworkers, or pets by the wrong names, but you definitely know who is who.

5, You can’t remember a word, but it’s not a conversation stopper. You usually think of it later or replace it with another word while you’re talking.

6, You’ve been known to forget and miss an occasional appointment.

7, You remember the main points of conversations but not always the details. So you may remember the make and color of your friend’s new car but forget the model.

8, If you ask someone a question, their answer registers. You don’t keep asking the same thing over and over.

9, You may not always know the exact date, but you always know the year, month, and the day of the week.

10, When you use memory tools like notes, lists, and appointment calendars, you find them helpful.

11, Your memory can be jogged if someone prompts you. So when your significant other asks “Do you know what today is?” you realize you forgot their birthday.

12, You know how to use appliances and electronics around the house.

13, You’re able to learn new things when you want to or need to.

So, next time you experience one or more of these symptoms the chances are you are having a memory lapse. Please keep in mind, that if the forgetfulness accelerates, then you should definitely consult your physician.

(Please Note: This post is for an educational/information purpose only and should be not be used as a diagnostic checklist.)


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