Get Acquainted With Our Practitioner Tools

Step 1: Complete the Immunity Assessment

Complete the online Immunity Assessment. By taking the assessment yourself, you’ll be able to see what your patients experience including the results page upon completion. The Immunity Assessment can be taken on any mobile, tablet, or desktop device.

Note that at the end of the Immunity Assessment, when providing your name and email, there is an option to provide a Practitioner Code.  We will provide you a unique Practitioner Code which your patients will enter into this field. More on this later.

On the Results page, you will notice the following elements:

  1. Immunotype: Patients are categorized as Immuno-balanced, Immuno-overactive, or Immuno-depressed depending on their immune function.
  2. Viral Score: This score is between 0 and 100, with scores closer to 100 representing high viral risk, and scores closer to 0 representing low viral risk.
  3. Nutrient & Lifestyle Recommendations: Depending on your patient’s immunotype, different lifestyle and nutrient recommendations are recommended.
Step 2: Receive Your Practitioner Code & Mobile App Master Password

Within 24 hours after signup, you will receive an email from our team that contains (1) Practitioner Code unique to you, used by your patients when completing the Immunity Assessment; and (2) Master Password to be used with the Aimee mobile app to access your patient’s information. We will go more in-depth about how to use the mobile app shortly.

Step 3: Download the Mobile App

Download the mobile app. Please note the mobile app is only available on iOS devices currently.

To familiarize yourself with the mobile app experience as a user, we recommend tracking your meals for at least 3 days and exploring the various tabs and learning materials available on the app. To track your meals, simply take a photo of what’s on your plate and the app will automatically identify what you are eating.

Step 4: Share the Assessment

Send your patients a link to the Immunity Assessment. For reference, the assessment can be accessed by visiting

It is important to instruct patients to enter your unique Practitioner Code at the end of the assessment where it says “Practitioner Code”. If you do not remember your code, please contact [email protected] Note: the email with your code will arrive by email within 24 hours of signing up to the program.

Entering your Practitioner Code at the end of the assessment links your patient with your account so you can review their results.

Step 5: Results Received By Email

Once your patient completes the assessment, they will be able to immediately view their results. Additionally, they will receive a copy of their results by email.

Entering your Practitioner Code at the end of the assessment will result in a copy of the Patient report being sent to your email. This report summarizes their Immunotype and Viral Risk Score, in addition to all specific assessment answers.

Step 6: Discuss Results & Provide Recommendations

Using the protocols contained in the Viral Immunity Guide developed by our team of immunity experts, you can work with your patient to identify specific nutrients, foods, and lifestyle interventions designed to improve immunity.

Additionally, many practitioners reach out to patients with services, supplements, or other product offerings at this point in the program.

Step 7: Patients Record 3 Days of Diet

Instruct patients to download the mobile app on their iOS devices. Our app can be found by searching for Aimee Health in the App Store, or by visiting Patients will need to include your Practitioner Code again at signup.

After completing the onboarding survey, patients should be advised to record three days of their dietary intake on the mobile app. To do this, patients simply have to take a picture of their plate at mealtime.

Three to four days later, you will need to login to the mobile app using your practitioner Master Password to verify that the food diary has been completed. If the food diary has not been completed, please reach out to your patients to encourage them to complete it.

Step 8: Download Patient Dietary Record

Navigate to the Settings section of the mobile app to download your patient’s dietary record. Once the record has been downloaded, compare your patient’s average daily consumption of Immunotype Nutrients against the listed goals to determine which nutrients are missing from their diet.

Step 9: Discuss Recommendations with Patient

After reviewing the dietary record, contact your patient to outline the recommended dietary changes needed to obtain the nutrients they are missing. This may include food choices, meal plans, or supplement recommendations.

Direct patients to take at least one photograph of their meals daily for the next 30 days to track their progress.