Your Viral Risk score is 71

Low Risk Hight Risk
Scores from 75-100 are at highest risk; 50-75 at moderate risk; 25-50 at lower risk; and 0-25 at lowest risk. Regardless of score, you should avoid chance of infection by social distancing, good hygeine and hand washing.

Based on your assessment, you are characterized as


Based on your assessment, you are characterized as Immuno-Balanced. Immuno-type scores indicated how you fit into each category, but follow the protocol below for the dominant one.

This immunotype is characterized by being inflamed, reactive, and on constant symptom alert as it relates to pain, heat, swelling, itching or discomfort.

5-10 cups of multi-colored vegetables and fruits daily
Limited sugar,
processed foods, no trans fats
Moderate protein
(<20% of calories)
6-9 cups water daily
Intermittent fasting
(eating over 8-12 hours only)
57-9 hours nightly;
No foodwithin 3 hours of bed;
Dark room, without noise, modestly cold temperature
30 minute or more of moderate exercise 5 times weekly
(aerobic, resistance training, stretching, walking)
Engage in any of the following 3-5 days per week minimum:
Nature walks, deep breathing, meditation, counseling, journaling, peaceful music
Seek out significant, supportive, social relationships on a daily basis. Social distancing does not prevent building emotional connections.
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