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Coaching + Digital Tools

Get Individualized Attention From Our Experts

Connect with an Aimee Health Coach for 1-on-1 or group immunity coaching. Our coaches include leading physicians, dietitians, and health coaches who will craft the perfect immunity program for you.

Plus, get UNLIMITED access to our mobile app with your coaching program.


Build immunity on your time. Our self-service options bring our healthcare practitioner trusted program to you through our mobile app, webinars, or digital workshop series. Learn more about what our digital tools have to offer by reading more below.

Personalized Products

Get High-Quality, Personalized Vitamins For Your Immunity

Kick-start your immunity with physician-grade vitamins, selected just for your immunotype. Gaps in your diet can impact immunity by increasing risk of illness, fatigue, and stress. Fill these gaps with products selected just for you.

How the Self-Directed Tools Work

Immunity Workshop (6 Part Series)

Harness nutrients in your diet to improve your immunity. This 6-part series developed by Dr. Edward Bauman (Founder Bauman College) will teach how your immune system works, and how the right foods and nutrients can significantly improve immunity.


Our webinar showcasing the latest science, and practical tools to obtain nutrients from food.

AI-Based Mobile App

A mobile app is provided to guide evaluation of your own diet and how it can be improved.

Coaching + Digital Tools